Real Estate Law

Foreclosure Defense: FirmEquity takes a unique and effective approach to foreclosure defense. Although you may have failed to pay your mortgage, there are a number of defenses that can be raised in a foreclosure matter, including but not limited to standing, estoppel, and breach of contract. In many cases, we contract an independent third party to conduct an audit related to the securitization of your mortgage. If the audit finds that the party bringing the foreclosure action against you is not the party that actually owns your mortgage, the court may dismiss the foreclosure. The legal and equitable defenses that can be raised, even if a court ultimately rejects them, can significantly delay the bank's ability to take possession of your home. We understand that when a homeowner is facing a foreclosure, it can be very stressful. We are here to support you throughout the process and zealously advocate for your rights.

Landlord/Tenant: We represent and tenants in forcible detainer and entry (eviction) matters. There are many federal, state and local laws that protect tenant's rights. When possible, our goal is to resolve any issues between a landlord and tenant in a mutually agreeable way. When this is not possible, defenses can be raised that may allow you to remain in the property for a longer period of time than you may otherwise have. These defenses include failure to properly serve the proper notice, failure to serve the complaint, failure to credit payments made by a tenant, and rent reduction based on defects in the property.

Mechanic's Liens: We have significant experience both defending and prosecuting mechanic's liens. Mechanic's liens are a unique area of law strictly governed by statute. The law allows both contractors and homeowners specific rights that will ultimately determine if a lien can be enforced. We represent both homeowners and contractors in these matters and have been able to resolve most matters prior to expensive and lengthy trials.

Real Estate Closings: We represent both buyers and sellers in commercial and residential real estate transactions. We are agents with a number of title insurance companies and have reasonable fees.

Real Estate Litigation: We represent both plaintiffs and defendants in real estate disputes. We focus on resolving matters as quickly and cost-effective as possible. When parties are unable to agree on settlement, we aggressively prosecute and defend matters through trial and in post-trial appeals.

Insurance Matters: We represent real estate owners when there is a dispute with an insurance company. Despite the fact that a party may have insurance that should cover a loss, often times the insurance company refuses to pay. In these instances, we aggressively pursue the insurance company to pay for a covered loss.

City of Chicago Adminstrative Agencies: We represent clients before the numerous Chicago administrative agencies, including the tax and revenue departments. We have settled a number of significant cases with the City, in many instances where the City has offered a significant reduction in the amount demanded and have allowed clients to pay over an extended period of time.