Billy Joe Mills - Partner

I graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2006 with a degree in Political Science, Finance, and Economics. I stayed around Champaign for law school and graduated in 2009. I then worked at a big law firm in downtown Chicago. It was boring, so I quit in early 2011.

I thought that I could not be happy practicing law - I was wrong. After I quit the traditional law firm life, I began representing my own clients. I realize now that I love helping normal people, small business owners, and non-profits address a variety of legal issues. I handle issues involving copyright, BitTorrent downloads, civil rights, trademark, defamation, free speech issues, and wills. For BitTorrent and defamation issues, I serve as a subpoena defense resource attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation. I am also a member of the Online Media Legal Network. My practice has transformed into a balance between defending digital rights cases against abusive plaintiffs and litigating civil rights cases against abusive police officers and prosecutors. Both areas of law - digital rights and civil rights - align with my values.

I love social entrepreneurship and technology. I have started and failed at creating a charitable vitamin company called UnaBellaVita. I have also stalled on two other projects: Storymap and Polity. My hobbies include photography, video, front-end programming, hiking, writing folk songs, and writing stories.

Political participation and activism are recurring themes in my life. My political activism has led to civil rights cases being a growing part of my practice. I participated in and setup many public debates back in my University days. I wrote a political column in the student paper and created a blog with a collection of writers called Urbanagora. I worked for former Governor Jim Edgar at the Institute of Government and Public Affairs. I'm an Abe Lincoln lover and coincidentally was the Lincoln Academy Student Laureate back yonder in my glory days. Nowadays, I am unhappy with both political parties.

I live in Chicago with Samantha, who is the Development Director at the always helpful Illinois Legal Aid Online.

I claim to be the friendliest attorney in Chicago, so don’t hesitate to contact me: