Internet, Business, & Nonprofit

A great deal of our work revolves around the various aspects of Internet law. We have experience on the litigation and transactional sides of legal issues that arise from the Internet.

The founding attorneys at FirmEquity are entrepreneurs, which gives us a unique perspective on the businesses, nonprofits, and startups we represent. We love to represent the free spirited entrepreneurs and owners in our economy that set out on their own path. Our clients range from musicians to web and mobile tech founders to brick and mortar store owners to nonprofits. We can handle contracts and litigation, including corporate & nonprofit formation, employment contracts, offer sheets from investors, terms of service and privacy policies, copyright and trademark applications, and the unexpected legal challenges that plague many small businesses.

FirmEquity has a strong desire to protect speech both online and offline. We enact that desire by representing defendants being sued for defamation. Internet users get sued a disturbing amount simply for making a negative review on Yelp or writing a controversial blog entry. In one defamation defense case, we represented an anonymous user who had made negative reviews of a violin shop in downtown Chicago. We believe that speech is more important than and should endure hurt feelings.